Thursday, October 1, 2009

Scavenger Hunt Pictures!

Shopping 1_006
This is my favorite snapshot because it is a perfect example of what I picture real life Harlem to look like. I tried to get the most out of this picture by taking a snapshot where I could fully see down both roads, along with high in the air so you can see the buildings. This shot, in essence captures the dark, concrete jungle of Harlem. There is no grass and no area for kids to go outside and play. The dark colored buildings show Harlem as being gloomy and depressing – a place that you could get caught in where it would be tough to get out.

Shopping 1_005

This snapshot is my attempt at capturing a work of art from a unique angle. My goal was to get the largest view possible of the Casablanca, while at the same time being able to see my avatar admiring the structure. All the archways of the Muslim mosque show the very unique design, and all the steps and open arena in the center show that it is a very special, famous mosque that can hold many people.

Shopping 1_004

This snapshot is of the “How to” and tutorial landmark on Second Life. The arrows point out the first attempts of walking, and familiarizing yourself with direction. The billboards posting the information show the tutorial stage in Second Life. My avatar looks like a “newb” because he is dressed in the standard shirt, and looking up at the information billboard in the picture. The scene shows not much going on, being very simple and helpful for starting the first stages of your Second Life.

Shopping 1_003

I took this snapshot because it implies a message to modern society – that we have destroyed our natural land and replaced it with tall, ugly buildings holding materialistic possessions with many advertisements on the outside. It shows what modern culture can do to our atmosphere; destroy it with material wealth. I zoomed out in this picture to show how the massive the building is, and how it is nothing appealing but some place that holds a bunch of material.

Shopping 1_001

This was my first experience with taking a snapshot. My avatar is in a normal standing position, in which he is initially entering the shopping center. I found this picture interesting because there are so many bright colors that catch the eye – you almost don’t know where to start. The horizontal rows of various items make the store seem real, along with the aesthetic tile my avatar is standing on. All the pictures on the wall are models of clothing – resembling real life when they have the most beautiful models posing in underwear. You can see the outline of these model figures from where the avatar is standing. In summary, this is a basic snapshot at the first glimpse of a Second Life store.


  1. I really like the first two pictures you posted. I have been to Harlem, but never for a long period of time. I have also never seen it flying in the air.

    Your Casablanca picture was very artistic. You accomplished your goal there, but your avatar is a little too small. But I can respect you wanting to be in the picture. also I am not too sure how you can take a picture without being in it.... We'll have to ask Dr. Essid about that one.

  2. I'm a ham...I like being in my photos. Note, however, how Hamlet Au manages in New World Notes to always be in the scene yet off to the side. In his white suit, he is hard to miss, but the center of focus does not fall on his avatar.

    If you need to stretch the photos a bit, use Firefox not Safari to write your posts. Then click and drag an image to resize it (up to 400 pixels wide for this blog template).